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William Wordsworth s The World Is Too Much With Us

The Distinct Approaches to the Theme of Nature The poems â€Å"The World is too much with us† by William Wordsworth and â€Å"A Happening† by Denise Levertov address the conflict between nature and society. Wordsworth’s poem addresses how society is becoming less because of unlimited desires. Levertov reflects Wordsworth’s values, but using unique images to present this idea. Although these poems approach the same theme, literary language and literary devices make them distinct. Literary devices can strengthen the message in a poem. For example, William Wordsworth uses the literary devices such as simile and personification to emphasize his argument. The line â€Å"The Sea that bares her bosom to the moon† displays the relationship with the moon and the tides of the sea (Wordsworth). The personification in this line gives the sea human attributes, so the readers can comprehend how essential nature is to the author. He also uses personification to describe the howling of the winds and how they are now â€Å"up gathered like sleeping flowers† (Wordsworth). The simile â€Å"like sleeping flowers† allows the reader to analyze the meaning of this comparison (Wordsworth). The word flower has a positive connotation conveying beauty. The word sleep has a marginally negative connotation reflecting inactivity or even death. From this analysis, this simile presents the idea that the beauty of nature is inactive or no longer with us. This inquir y demonstrates the capabilities of literary devices and howShow MoreRelatedWilliam Wordsworth s The World Is Too Much With Us1448 Words   |  6 PagesPoetry Analysis: â€Å"The World is too Much with Us† William Wordsworth’s poem â€Å"The World is too Much with Us† is a sonnet published in 1807. Williams Wordsworth was an extreme lover of nature, and in the poem, the speaker stresses how the obsession we have with â€Å"getting and spending† causes us to forget the gift and the beauty of nature. The speaker tells about how this world is so overbearing, we cannot respect and appreciate nature, and since we are so caught up in ourselves and money, we do not takeRead MoreWilliam Wordsworth s The World Is Too Much With Us1474 Words   |  6 PagesThere’s Something About Nature In the same way Ted had lost touch with Mary, humans have lost their connection with nature. William Wordsworth, in his poem, â€Å"The World is Too Much With Us; Late and Soon,† illustrates the careless attitude of humans towards nature and all it has to offer. In this Italian sonnet, the narrator, who is Wordsworth himself, is standing on a grassy area overlooking the sea while wishing he could see the glory of nature which humanity has chosen to disregard. He also expressesRead MoreWilliam Wordsworth s The World Is Too Much With Us ``966 Words   |  4 Pages I invited William Wordsworth due to his literary works and the influence that he held on literal romanticism. This, he did with published works such as the prelude that was considered by many to be the crowning achievement of English romanticism. Romanticism was a movement that started as a counter to the Industrial Revolution as can be seen in the works of Wordsworth. For example in the poem â€Å"The World is too much with Us†, he states that humanity is losing touch with nature and all it encompassesRead MoreWilliam Wordsworth s The World Is Too Much With Us945 Words   |  4 PagesSecular Society In William Wordsworth’s â€Å"The world is too much with us,† the speaker both loves nature and wants to be part of a community; this is a conflict because the materialistic worldview of society is causing mass apathy toward nature. The tone is not nostalgic, something that is rare for Wordsworth. Instead of longing for a time gone past, the speaker is longing for a different world. Thus, the tone is melancholy. Wordsworth shows nature is necessary for a relationship with God through theRead More The World is Too Much With Us by William Wordsworth Essay908 Words   |  4 PagesThe World is Too Much With Us by William Wordsworth In William Wordsworths The World is Too Much With Us, this poem heeds warning to his generation. This warning is that they are losing sight of what is actually important in this world: nature and God. To some people both of these are the same thing if lacking appreciation for the natural gifts of God is not sin enough, we add to it the insult of pride for our rape of His land (Wordsworth). With his words, Wordsworth makes this messageRead MoreThe World Is Too Much With Us By William Wordsworth853 Words   |  4 Pagespoem â€Å"The World is Too Much with Us† by William Wordsworth is, in my opinion, one of the best Romantic era poems, and it is a prime example of the values and writing styles that are expressed in Romantic era literature. One of the ways that the poem resembles other literary works of the Romantic period is that one of the main themes of the poem is nature, and nature is also a theme that was very prevalent in the literary works from the Romantic era. F urthermore, the poem by Wordsworth resembles otherRead MoreAnalysis Of `` The World Is Too Much With Us `` By William Wordsworth873 Words   |  4 PagesAnalysis of â€Å"The World is Too Much with Us† by William Wordsworth The poem â€Å"The World is Too Much with Us† by William Wordsworth is, one of the best romantic era poems, and it is a prime example of the values and writing styles that are expressed in romantic era literature. One of the ways that the poem resembles other literary works of the romantic period is that one of the main themes of the poem is nature, and nature is also a theme that was very prevalent in other literary works from the romanticRead More`` The Beat Goes On, I Am Your Host, By Caleb Argent, And Today1629 Words   |  7 Pagesat The Beat Goes on have decided that our journey of reflection will began at the peak of poems in the romantic era with a famous poet named William Wordsworth and his poem â€Å"The World Is To Much With Us† and end in the 21st century with a famous song called Gone by Jack Johnson. In William Wordsworth’s poem â€Å"The World Is To Much With Us† the theme shows us that humanity has lost its way or is losing its way. Over time this idea of â€Å"Humanity losing its way† has brought about many controversial opinionsRead MoreEssay on The World Is Too Much for Us915 Words   |  4 PagesIn William Wordsworths The World is Too Much With Us, this poem heeds warning to his generation. This warning is that they are losing sight of what is actually important in this world: nature and God. To some people both of these are the same thing if lacking appreciation for the natural gifts of God is not sin enough, we add to it the insult of pride for our rape of His land (Wordsworth). With his words, Wordsworth makes this message perpetual and everlasting. William Wordsworth lovedRead MoreEssay Wordsworth’s Sonnets and Technology541 Words   |  3 PagesTechnology In William Wordsworth’s sonnets The World Is Too Much With Us and London 1802, he describes his society as being too dependent on technology. In Wordsworth’s time, the 1800’s, new phases of technology, such as electricity to run machines, were booming and people were relying more on them. With these new innovations, Wordsworth was convinced that people would stop appreciating nature while allowing technology to run their lives. In London 1802, Wordsworth describes how people

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Mandatory Minimum Sentences in Canada Essay - 2983 Words

Introduction This paper will be focusing on the controversial issue of mandatory minimum sentences in Canada. There has been much debate over this topic, as it has quickly become implemented for the sentencing of drug offenders, drug-related crimes and banned firearm offences. I will argue that every case that comes through the criminal justice system is different and deserves a fair trial with a sentence that is not already determined for them. There have been many cases where the judge has no discretion in the sentence due to the mandatory minimum sentences pre-determined for the case, no matter what the aggravating or mitigating factors were. I will argue that the mandatory minimum sentences in Canada should be reduced or eliminated as†¦show more content†¦The first section is for the mandatory minimum sentence of life in prison for first and second-degree murder and treason. The second section deals with firearms offences. The third section of mandatory minimum sentences address repe at offenders in seven distinct categories, which involve impaired driving and possession of unauthorized weapons (Canada, 2013). The last category of MMS in Canada deals with hybrid offences. These were implemented in the Canadian legislation in 1995. If an offender commits a crime that has been determined to result in a mandatory minimum sentence within the Canadian Legislation, the judge must implement that sentence no matter what the aggravating or mitigating factors are. Due to this sentencing legislation, many innocent people are serving time in prison due to a false conviction and the lack of judicial discretion in their individual case. Even though mandatory minimum sentences offer more costs then rewards, some politicians, community members and victims of crime still support it due to the proposed retributive and deterrent effects. There have been many cases and arguments against mandatory minimum sentences especially due to the fact that it restricts the judge’s disc retion during the sentencing process. These will be discussed in more depth throughout this paper. Issues of Mandatory Minimum Sentences There are many mandatory minimum sentences that have been placed in the Canadian law to help prevent crime from happening and toShow MoreRelatedCriminal Code And Charter Sections1414 Words   |  6 PagesSections Sentencing provisions in Canadian law are found in s.718.1 and s.718.2 of the Criminal Code, which states that, â€Å"sentences must be proportionate to the nature of the offence, reduced or increased depending on the mitigating and aggravating factors, must be similar to sentences imposed on similar offenders for similar offences in similar circumstances, and if the sentence is consecutive, it must not be unduly long or harsh.† Therefore, an offender should not be deprived of their liberty ifRead MoreThe Overcrowding Of The Correctional Facilities1730 Words   |  7 Pageson crime† for political gain. As mandatory minimum sentences and tougher conditional release criteria are introduced the population of those incarcerated increases. It causes unnecessary emotional and physical harm to prisoners. It also places inmates and correctional staff in danger. Something must be done before a major incident occurs as a result of negligent policies. Overcrowding affects nearly every correctional institution in the United States and Canada. In British Columbia some maximum-securityRead MoreThe Challenges of Creating and Implementing Crime Policy in Canada996 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction Social policies are constructed to guide society. These policies are influenced by the collective morals and values of the people living in a society. Social policies in Canada are founded on the best interest of Canadians. Most importantly, social policies address issues by creating and implementing the appropriate solutions. Politicians have the prime role in creating policies and ensuring that these policies provide an answer to key issues in society. However, along the way theseRead MoreCanada vs. United States: Legal System1141 Words   |  5 PagesSince the British North America Act was adopted in 1867, Canada has been developing and writing up their own laws independently from other countries. Many people believe that, though our Canadian laws have come far from the days of the BNA act, they are still not up to par with the harshness of American laws. The advantage that Canadians have over Americans is that in Canada, there is only one criminal code for all Canadians whereas in the United States, every State has their own criminal codes whichRead MoreMandatory Minimum Sentences : Judicial Discretion1906 Words   |  8 Pages Mandatory Minimum Sentences: Judicial Discretion Twenty-nine offences in the Criminal Code have a mandatory minimum sentence of imprisonment time. The majority of these sentences were introduced with Bill C-68, a set of firearms-related legislation introduced in 1995. In addition, there are also mandatory minimum sentences for several other offences, such as child prostitution, betting, pool-making, and impaired driving. Mandatory minimum sentences impose legislated punishments, furthermoreRead MoreDTSM Assignment882 Words   |  4 Pagesfor up to two years. What is impaired driving? Impaired driving means operating a vehicle (including cars, trucks, boats, snowmobiles and off-road vehicles) while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It is a crime under the Criminal Code of Canada and the consequences are serious. You may: lose your licence have your vehicle impounded need to pay an administrative monetary penalty need to attend an education or treatment program be fined upon conviction be required to install an ignition interlockRead MoreThe Canadian Bar Association Was An Appropriate Intervener1838 Words   |  8 Pageswas an appropriate intervener for two reasons: the CBA had a strong interest in the mandatory minimums within the impugned legislation and the perspective of implementing an exemption would act as a good alternative to amending the legislation in case the judiciary did not see good enough reason to dismiss the appeal. I will present an explanation for why the CBA argued for an alternative to the mandatory minimum, how it relates to the submissions of the respondents, and the reasoning behind theRead MoreThe Issue Of Gun Control1356 Words   |  6 Pageslaw-abiding citizens who use guns for legitimate purposes. HISTORY OF GUN CONTROL In 1892 Canada passed its first criminal code for gun control required citizens to obtain a permit in order to carry a pistol. In the mid-1930s, the government intensified their gun laws by requiring registration for all handguns. The restriction of automatic weapon ownership was also enacted within the next 40 years. In 1977 Canada passed Bill C-51. This law not only required that citizens obtain a Firearms AcquisitionRead MoreMarijuana Prohibition Canada1372 Words   |  6 PagesMarijuana has been a long on going battle as to whether marijuana should be legal in Canada and taken out of this act. The law behind the drug has a long history and many failed attempts at decriminalization. There are both positive and negative effects to this law, but I believe the positive effects weigh out the negative and that because of this marijuana will be legal in the near future. The Marijuana laws in Canada today are unresolved, as superior courts have ruled all cannabis laws to be of â€Å"noRead MoreAn Unconventional Approach Of Justice1780 Words   |  8 Pagesin Canada The definition of the word â€Å"justice† according to Merriam-Webster is, â€Å"the quality of being just, impartial, or fair† (â€Å"Definition of Justice†). Almost automatically associated with â€Å"justice† to many minds is the â€Å"criminal ‘justice’ system†Ã¢â‚¬â€and criminals. Canada’s criminal justice system and the penalties for crimes committed in Canada have been recent topics of discussion preceding this year’s general election. The Conservative Party of Canada promised mandatory minimum sentences for

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Examples Of Third Spaces - 1207 Words

Third spaces refer to the social and communal places where people gather outside of home and work, or in the case of college students, gather outside of class. At the Pacific Coast Campus, students gather in a variety of locations while employees have only one communal area. Block scheduling of classes impacts the flow of traffic, yet both students and employees can find a welcoming environment at the Pacific Coast Campus. Some students choose to spend time outside of class in the three outdoor courtyards or within the cafeteria and its adjacent courtyard. Two of these areas offer limited seating yet students continue to gather in those courtyards. Only one of the courtyards contains ample seating to include seven round tables and†¦show more content†¦On either side of the help desk are areas that provide both comfortable seating and tables. One side has a large television and the other side offers a more studious environment. The space includes two charging stations with cables for a variety of different types of electronic devices. When I first visited the space at 9:30 am, there were only a few students. When I returned at 12:45 pm, students occupied almost every seat. Despite minimal socializing occurring the center was very popular. In contrast to the numerous places available for students to gather, there is only one employee lounge at the Pacific Coast Campus. The lounge is almost as large as a classroom, and a wall of windows fills the space with sunlight. The room offers several types of comfortable chairs and table as well as a television. Two all-gender bathrooms and basic kitchen amenities are also located within the lounge. Despite all that the lounge has to offer, it is often empty or occupied by no more than two employees. I only enter the lounge to access the restrooms or use the kitchen facilities. The Pacific Coast Campus offers an inviting place for employees to gather; yet the space is underutilized. Community colleges are often thought of as places where students attend class and then leave, not a place where they choose to spend time or socialize. This sentiment would not appear to hold true at the Pacific Coast Campus, which offers various areas populated by studentsShow MoreRelatedWhite Teeth by Zadie Smith732 Words   |  3 Pagesthe one they now live in. Zadie Smith shows pessimism towards creating a third space of cultural difference—where cultural difference is an encouraged, positive thing—all while showing the gradual progression of cultural difference acceptance through the first generation immigrants to their children and how it effects the males and females differently—females being more accepting of a third space. Hortense is the first example of an immigrant adjusting to a new life in Britain. She was born and raisedRead MorePoverty and Painting: Representations in 19th Century Europe864 Words   |  4 Pages In an article in the British Medical Journal, the authors show that the pathways to and from poverty and also the povertys impact upon the public health are represented in 19th century European painting s. This includes Francisco Goyas Third of May. A typology of paintings is listed in the journal article that represent poverty . These included images of poor housing, sin and charity, evictions, homelessness, bad working conditions, crime and lifestyle risks hunger, revolution and visionaryRead MoreTsc Stores1037 Words   |  5 Pagesmodel of future inventory volumes, and examined the affect the inventory had on the supply chain. The model predicts the company will experience capacity issues as soon as next spring. With larger volumes of inventory looming over a static inventory space, it would be prudent to examine alternatives of how to adapt the supply chain to the corporate expansion goals. Before considering the forecast model as gospel, it is important to understand some of the limitations and assumptions the model makesRead MoreThe Development Of A C20th Art Movement And Architectural Expression From The Same Period1663 Words   |  7 PagesDescribe and evaluate the relationship and influences between an example of a C20th art movement and architectural expression from the same period. Constructivism arose in Russia in 1914 where Lenin and Marx’s communist state supported and advertised the artistic movement with the philosophy that it was the rebirth of the art world. Constructivists held the communist belief that there should be no distinction between roles: artist, architect and engineer were all to be the same. This ‘worker’ characterRead MoreWhat Is Lack Of Branding And Marketing Strategy1735 Words   |  7 PagesDowntown for enjoyment and connection and customers Downtown for shopping, dining, and entertainment. A mixed-use downtown attracts patrons by being multi-dimensional, since patrons attracted by one use or activity often cross over to others. For example, people going to the park will often shop or eat, assuming that uses are sufficiently available. Solutions for Downtown must be more comprehensive in scope, including considerably more than just making it look nice. The action plan must be designedRead MoreThe Third Sustainable Benefit Is Social Sustainability868 Words   |  4 Pages The third sustainable benefit is social sustainability. It is related to improve and develop a social condition in cities, and a process within communities that can be realized that status. For example, when standards of sustainability determine how many people or worker inside any building in city is related to environment, and how can affect environment by how much do buildings consume energy and produce waste and emissions. According to the Western Australian Council of Social Services (WACOSS)Read MoreStuart Halls Cultural Identity and Diaspora1599 Words   |  7 PagesHall’s article: Cultural Identity and Diaspora Stuart hall talks about the crucial role of the â€Å"Third Cinemas† in promoting the Afro-Caribbean cultural identities, the Diaspora hybridity and difference. Hall argues that the role of the â€Å"Third Cinemas† is not simply to reflect what is already there; rather, their crucial role is to produce representations which constantly constitute the third world’s peoples as new subjects against their representations in the Western dominant regimes. TheirRead MoreTransition Phrases Essay919 Words   |  4 Pagesin the first place not only ... but also as a matter of fact in like manner in addition coupled with in the same fashion / way first, second, third in the light of not to mention to say nothing of equally important by the same token again to and also then equally identically uniquely like as too moreover as well as together with of course likewise comparatively correspondingly similarly furthermore additionally Opposition / Limitation / Contradiction Transition phrases like but, rather and orRead MoreApollo 131334 Words   |  6 Pages In the movie Apollo 13 three astronauts go up to space in the space craft odyssey and encounter many problems. The astronauts, Jim Lovell, Jack Swigert and Fred Haise were on a rushed mission to go to the moon when Jack went to go stir the oxygen tanks and one of them exploded. The explosion led to a whole host of problems. The astronauts had to abort the mission and focus on a safe return home. A monomyth plotline is when a person leaves a place, encounters obstacles and comes back a differentRead MoreAnalysis Of Madeleine L Engle1109 Words   |  5 PagesThe genre of A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’engle is fiction. This book is fiction because the events that occur in the story can’t ever happen in real life. For example, a human being can never turn into a flying horse that takes the children to an unknown planet. Point of View: The point of view in the story is third person. It is third person because none of the characters were telling the story. The author was the one telling in the story. There was no I, me, us, you and we included in telling

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The identity of a Filipino today Essay Sample free essay sample

†The individuality of a Filipino today is of a individual inquiring what is his individuality. † – Nick Joaquin When I bought this book a twosome of months ago. I instantly skimmed the first two pages. I did believe that this was a book about a female character with anatomical malformation and the book was about what caused the malformation and what should be done to rectify it. I thought that this book would do me infinitely laugh. Having formed that pathetic image in my head. I set this book aside. There were and there still are so many books by foreign writers that beckon on me. Besides. merely like most Filipinos. I ever thought that foreign books were far better than local 1s even those by our local literary greats. On many counts. I was terribly incorrect. First. this novel has nil to make with the survey of medical specialty. anthropology or anatomy. It is a novel that every Filipino should be proud of. It is a fresh written by a Filipino about Filipinos and for the Filipinos. However. it does non prophesy. It does non self-deprecate. It does non advance self-interest nor does it promote us Filipinos to detest ourselves and wish that we were of different nationalities. This novel is portion of who we are as it shows a polar portion in our nation’s history and how our race was formed or came into being by acquiring nutriment from two colonisers. kindred to two umbilicuss: those of Mother Spain’s and Mother USA’s. The two states that greatly influenced our nation’s mind and will everlastingly be portion of who we are as an Asiatic race. But I was right excessively. It made me eternal laugh. But non for the idea of a individual holding two umbilicuss. I laughed infinitely albeit mutely as I grieved approximately holding to recognize how much I’ve been losing while I prioritize foreign writers in my book picks. I besides unashamedly laughed recognizing how deformed inquiring myself who we are as a raceour civilization is and we merely couldn’t do anything about it. Nicomedes â€Å"Onching† . today merely â€Å"Nick† Joaquin ( 1917-2004 ) was awarded the National Artist for Literature trophy in 1976. This award is the highest national acknowledgment given to Filipino creative persons who have made important parts to the development of Philippine humanistic disciplines and to the cultural heritages of the state. He was said to be the Greatest Filipino author of the twentieth century and 3rd to Rizal and Recto as the greatest Filipino author of all time. He was # 1 in Filipino authors list in English. Dr. Alejandro Roces compared him to William Faulkner. His Portrayal of the Artist as Filipino is said to be the most of import Filipino drama in English. Before his decease due to cardiac apprehension in 2004. he was a friend and the biographer of the former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. After his decease. this pedant with a gift of entire callback. expressed his want of donating the 3. 000 books from his personal library to Univer sity of Santo Thomas. He did non get married. Without supplying excessively many spoilers. the narrative is about a Connie Escobar who claims to hold two umbilicuss. She discloses this to a Filipino physician. Pepe Monson who is one ( the other being the priest Father Tony ) of the two boies of a former rich Filipino man of affairs who is concealing in Hong Kong to avoid postwar tests of station war independency. Connie is in Hong Kong seemingly to trail a set participant Paco Texiera even if she is already married to Macho Escobar. However. Connie says that she left the Philippines to run off from her hubby because he is holding an matter with her female parent Senora de Vidal. The novel’s subject of force per unit area of the past upon the present is similar to G. G. Marquez’ One Hundred Old ages of Solitude although Joaquin did non cover as many coevalss as Marquez did. In fact. Connie has merely the relationship between her hubby and female parent as the immediate yesteryear that greatly affect her present. However. the symbolisms are clear. Connie suffers due to the strong influence of her female parent when she was turning up ( with the incident about the dolls as the image that got etched in my head ) and the injudiciousnesss the female parent did in holding extra-marital personal businesss. All these while the purportedly the strong patriarch Don Manolo Vidal was busy protecting his concern and his political sod. Don Vidal can be likened to the Filipino business communities who sided to whoever was in power during the Spanish and American businesss merely to protect their involvement while overlooking the involvement of the many hapless provincials ( symbolized by Connie Escobar ) . This is non an easy read though. Joaquin’s narrative is confounding particularly in the first 50 pages of the book due to assorted points of position and multiple flows of ideas in merely one paragraph. I worked for two old ages in Hong Kong and I thought it would hold been more interesting if Joaquin took clip to depict his surroundings for imagery impact. He besides did non fall back to utilizing local linguistic communications or phrases. e. g. . Chinese nor in Filipino. to give genuineness to the spoken duologues. Last. I did non detect any attempt to give distinct and recognizable voices at least to the chief characters. All the voices seem to be coming from the same individual. However. the secret plan is superb. My first clip to read a local book with Hong Kong and Philippines as scenes. Prior to this. I thought that the post-war ( WWII ) epoch has been that portion of Philippine history that seems to be â€Å"untouched† by fictional authors. This was due to the fact that many literary plants chiefly focused on the clip when the WWII was on-going. Joaquin’s usage of his characters to typify the bigger range – the Philippines as it is seeking to lift from the ashes – is amazing and the impact is comparable to the purpose that Dr. Jose Rizal likely had when he was composing his Noli and Fili. I will be reading Joaquin’s Cave and Shadows and Tropical Gothic following to cognize more about the adult male.

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Science and Technology Essays

Science and Technology Essays Science and Technology Essay Science and Technology Essay In recent years, a lack of communication between people has been a significant issue in modern society. It is certainly true of my home town. In this essay, several reasons of the phenomenon and solutions will be discussed. One of the biggest reasons is that people has lost their opportunities to interact with neighbours. There used to be various kinds of local communities few decades ago, however, less and less people participate in these communities because they are busy for work and study in a recent hectic society. The development of technology also has lead to little relationship in the society. While people tend to spend more time at home by internet surfing, the conventional method of communication is losing its importance. A lack of connection within the community units may significantly influence the society. In fact, an increase in the amount of crime in my hometown is now one of the vital issues and many of them seem to be solved by the improvement of local communities. To solve the issues, the local counsel should provide more practical community supports for citizens so that people can gather frequently to exchange their information. It is also important to have special occasions such as local festivals, meetings and educational classes in order to enhance persons quality of life too. In conclusion, even though there are some issues of a lack of communication between people in my hometown, the problems can be solved by enhancement of community supports. In todays world, technology has invaded many aspects of human life. From its gigantic influence on our education and professional development, to the more subtle presence of little gadgets littering our homes, technology is almost everywhere. The reasons for such pervasiveness would boil down to some characteristics that technology by itself possesses. One such characteristic, which is of major interest to many scholars, is the seeming lack of barriers to the spread of technology. It easily penetrates societies and even to remote communities, and once it reaches its destination and catches on, it becomes seemingly difficult to stop its spread. As a result of this, consumer technology like cellular phones, computers, PDAs, radios and televisions have become commonplace in places like Africa, even with all the barriers one would have envisaged. Sadly, it does not need much analysis to realize that even though technology usage is growing rapidly in Africa, we still have numerous developmental problems in our continent. This is a situation where advanced technology is coexisting with underdevelopment in Africa. With all the power that technology wields, it will be a useful exercise to study the ways in which it can be used to solve some of those very problems it has come to meet. In essence, using our little gadgets to solve our big problems. Where would we be as a global community without the study and aid of science and technology? How could humankind have survived through the ages without it? Science and technology have been around for almost as long as time itself. Ancient caveman used early science to learn how to make fire. Caveman, who developed spears from sticks tied with carved stones to hunt with, benefited from the creation of science. The word science (2009,  ¶ 1) comes from the Latin word: scien tia, which means â€Å"knowledge† or â€Å"knowing† and technology (2009,  ¶ 1) comes from the pairing of two greek words: techne and logia which means â€Å"art or craft† and â€Å"skill†. Throughout the centuries, many different fields of science and technology have been developed as ways to better understand the natural world around us. Much of the early studies of science and technology pre dating the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries were dismissed and labeled as being forms of magic or the works of supernatural forces that should remain unchecked and unquestioned. Many early scientific experiments of that time were deemed unethical and frowned upon by society. Advancements in the fields of science and technology are ethical and necessary to the beneficial development of humankind. It would seem that in today’s society the methods of science and technology are once again being scrutinized by society. Many of the break throughs and developmental research that is conducted by scientists in the medical field as well as other fields of science are being deemed by society as unethical. Some extremists are claiming that some of the scientific developments are entering the realm of God’s work, and that we as humans should not be tampering with.

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Questionaire Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Questionaire - Essay Example of the world, but then, many articles and reports provide the fact that big countries like USA, do not have a public insurance for majority of their people. In reality there comes uncountable advertisements and news regarding the several insurance companies and policies for health care, but those who need to get benefit does not really get it in majority. This shows that the administration has some drawbacks or to be more precise only a partial action has been taken by the authorities. The talk concerning how to reduce the expenditure for health care among the individual and the group under the health care services provided by public and private authority still continues. There has been a lot of development seen in the field of computers and wireless technology. The system of wireless health care services helps a lot in reducing the expenses to some extent by making arrangements such as fixing the Appointment for the patients, reminding the dates by sending SMS, and these gradually reduces the cost of medical expenses. The provisions of certain Health Care software, and the availability of Health Care consultants, Health Care Service Providers, help a lot in reducing the expenditure for he patients. The health insurance also helps a lot during emergency times. Though the premium rates have to be given in correct time, the effect of the insurance seems to be really worth during more expenses. The health care is usually financed by public and private authority in general. For example the â€Å"Medicare† and the â€Å"Medicaid† set to meet the health care expenses for the aged and the poor respectively. The process of Universal Health Care system which is funded by the tax revenue has two way payment system â€Å"single-payer† and â€Å"multi-payer†. The single payer is government run organization, which acts as the payer and it saves money. The multi-payer system runs with the joint venture of the public as well as private sectors as payer. introduced by the